2022 | DocumentaryShort


Just Different is a short documentary which tells the story of two gay couples who decided to have a child together. In 1999 this wasn’t a regular case. The two gay couples in this short documentary are the parents of the filmmaker herself. Zoé Beekes lives with her two moms in a small town in Holland, ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Her father lives with his boyfriend in Amsterdam. Her father is also the brother of the non-biological mother. The four parents tell the story of how they experienced to start a family construction like this. Did everything go according plan? And how was it for Zoé to grow up with four gay parents.


Director | Zoé Beekes  
Producer | Aris Patschurek
Cinematographer | Mascha van Kleef
Editor | Appoline Dewulf & Stinna Lotus Nagel
Sound Department | Marina Palma 
Componist | Jurriaan Kruithof