2023 | Fiction Feature 

De Vuurlinie 

On his tour of duty in Afghanistan, Marco Kroon heroically leads his men through firefights and is awarded the highest decoration in the Netherlands: the Military Order of William. However, in the years that follow, Kroon is discredited. He struggles with traumas he cannot share even with Mirjam, the love of his life and everyone has an opinion about him, in the media and in the street. Kroon finds himself swept up in an emotional rollercoaster. As he tries to exonerate himself, he may face his toughest mission yet.


Director | Roel Reiné
Producer | Hanneke Niens
Writers | Alex van Galen 
Cinematographer | Rolf Dekens & Roel Reiné 
Editor | Radu Ion 
Sound recordist | Coen Gravendaal
Sound Designer & Re-recording mixer | Herman Pieëte
Assistant sound editor | Zoé Beekes
Componist | Sunna Wehrmeijer